I have a list of about 200+ quotes from 2001.  Many are taken out of
context.  Some were amusing to me at the time I read them.  None are
intended to offend.  All are part of a public forum.  I will put the rest on
a website later.

10) "What does your email administrator say about this?" - Kim Cameron,
January 17, 2001

9) "It's funny how pissy everyone gets on this list.  I'm loving it!!" -
John Bowles, July 24, 2001

8) "I'll blow that horn, Daniel!!" - Michèle Sharik, September 18, 2001

7) "For the record, I said nothing quotable this year, and I specifically
didn't say anything quotable about any 'valued and respected Microsoft
partners'." - Chris Scharff, December 28, 2001

6) "What is wrong with being a smartass?" - Milton R Dogg, December 14, 2001

5) "Your server is suffering from the "Broke A$$ $hit" syndrome..." - Don
Ely, November 30, 2001

4) "I love you all!!!!" - Missy Koslosky, September 13, 2001

3) "Just say no to FAT." - Andy Webb, January 22, 2001

2) "Do you use Outlook?" - Vicki Ewart, August 22, 2001

and the number one....

1) "SMTP is EVERYTHING" - Ed Crowley, July 27, 2001

Happy New Year.


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