Or possibly notifications are not making it across the wire. I would not be
surprised if the UDP notifications were getting dropped. If you click on
"Send/Receive" while the connection is "dropped" does the session

If so, one thing you could try is setting the clients to work offline but to
connect every few minutes, using the existing connection.

be - MOS

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> Subject: RE: Registry key to avoid disconnection
> Outlook doesn't disconnect them due to time.  I suspect that 
> there's some
> glitch in the network connection during the four-plus-hour 
> marathon session.
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> Subject: Registry key to avoid disconnection
> Importance: High
> Some of ours users dial-outs and stay connected several hours (4+) to
> Internet they can browse all the Internet sites all that 
> time, but their
> Outlook loose connection to the Office Exchange (they use 
> Exchange server
> profile), so they need to close outlook and log again..
> Is there anyway to ensure that during several hours the clients remain
> connected to the exchange server, any registry hack?
> tia
> -er

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