The users cannot ping other servers on the network when they connect, and
thus their email client does not reach the Exchange server on Server 2. At
the same time, their telnet (pronto) client that hits a specific IP address
on another server is not accessible as well. I am not sure how to address
this one .... is it possible for the remote users to obtain IP address and
the rest of the particulars as specified in the DHCP server automatically??
So that they get the same scope options for WINS and so forth when they are
dialling in as to that when they connect on the physical LAN when in the
office??? Please advise.

- David Ng

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I don't think there's anything wrong with your setup.  When I dial in from
home the gateway under IPCONFIG typically comes up the same as the IP
address, and works fine.  You didn't say whether the behaviour you observed
is keeping your users from somehow connecting properly.


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Dear all,

I understand that this is an Exchange discussion, however I believe there
are a number of NT Gurus amongst the group, I hope everyone can assist me on
this one, thanks in advance.

I have a NT Server 4 machine (SP6a) that is running DHCP/WINS (PDC). I
install a Perle 4-Port Multimodem card into the machine. The card is
detected and the ports 2,3,4&5 are created automatically via the software CD
provided. I reinstalled SP6a and following that, I installed the Remote
Access Server (Service) in network neighbourhood properties. I selected the
perle modem ports and assign for all to "receive calls only", and with
network attributes of "allow unsecured password/allow clear text passwords",
after which the machine was again restarted and logged in.

My Problem:

- When a client dials in to the server, it connects and authenticates the
users, and a session is established, BUT the IP address I received is as

IP Address - aaa.bbb.ccc.144 (eg.)
Subnet Mask -
Gateway - aaa.bbb.ccc.144

The subnet mask is not correct (it is supposed to be as
configured in the DHCP Scope properties. Why is this so???

The server configuration is as follows:

IP address:      aaa.bbb.ccc.11
Subnet mask:
Gateway:     aaa.bbb.ccc.1
DNS:             aaa.bbb.ccc.10 (Server 2)

It is running the following services

1) WINS/DHCP/RAS and the standard NT4 Server default installed services

What do I have to do to allow the DHCP to pass the IP address info and other
particulars to the users who are dialling in to the server??? The users are
configured with the lowest security level to reduce complications (clear
text password allowed) and the clients range from Win95/98/NT/2000 with dial
up networking. I have done on both occasions to test - tick and untick "IP
Forwarding", but to no success. The major problem is that Exchange server is
running on Server 2, and if the dial in users cannot get the right subnet
mask etc. they will be on separate networks and cannot ping or resolve the
Mail server address altogether. I have also tried installing the "RIP for
Internet Protocol" Service to test if that would help with routing between
the Network card and the Perle card, but to no success.

If anyone has any suggestions or have encountered a fix for similar
problems, please advise. All contributions from the group is much
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


David Ng

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