I have a problem that, hopefully, someone could help me out with. I have a
app that provides customers with an online store that includes a form that
they can fill out to order product. This form fires off 2 emails, one to our
internal people to let them know a new order as been placed and the other
email is a confirmation sent to the user to acknowledge receipt of their
order. The app uses Miva script (similar to XML) to create the email and it
runs on a server in our network.  
The problem is our mail server (Exchange 5.5 SP4) is not allowing the
acknowledgment to be delivered because relaying is prohibited. So the
original mail (internal) gets delivered fine but the mail that gets sent
externally (to the users email) never gets sent. When I review the logs I
550 Relaying is prohibited
I have gone to the routing restrictions & enabled the "hosts and clients w/
these ip addresses" and entered the IP address and mask of the system
generating the emails as outlined in KB q196626 but the error is the same.
I've reviewed q259531 on how to configure smtp relay for domains but I don't
believe it is applicable to my case. Is there someway around this? If anyone
has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.



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