Exchange 5.5/SP4 Win2K/SP2 and OL2000
At the begging of the week we merged to previously independent exchange
organisations into the same site using move server wizard to join one to the
other. On the whole it seems to have gone OK but ... a few users have
reported that when they move files between folders in their exchange mailbox
using OL2000 the file disappears from the source but does not appear in the
We seem to have fixed one by emptying the folder completely, restarting and
now it is OK. 
A similar thing is happening to a couple of people with deleted items. They
delete a file and it does not appear in deleted items (Yes I have checked
and they have not set delete immediately). I have seen a mailbox that has a
deleted file in the bin, then a gap where we cannot find the deleted item,
then another file saved in the bin. Using recover deleted items cannot find
them either. These users are in the "correct" organisation on the
pre-existing server not the imported users/server.
Has anyone got any ideas; are we looking at an exchange glitch or an outlook
Peter Harrison
Network and Communications Manager
School of Industrial and Manufacturing Sciences
Cranfield University - Cranfield - Bedford - MK43 0AL
Tel: 01234 754248


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