> And another comment Mr. Ely.....
> Let's keep this in mind next time you decide to flame me or 
> someone else on the list.
> I'm simply giving my opinion.  Acceptance is optional.  I'm 
> giving my opinion of a server spec for exchange server that 
> in "my opinion" has giving me the best level of performance 
> and least amount of headaches over a 10 year period.  Whether 
> you choose this type of hardware is irrelevant being that I'm 
> the one stating an opinion. 

But wasn't Don merely stating *his* opinion? Or is it only ok for you to
have one? You know, when you have one opinion, and the majority of a large
list, like ohh this one, have another opinion, then you might consider it
time to re-evaluate your opinion. 

Someone else actually stated their server load and you basically told them
they were wrong. That is going beyond stating an opinion, each person here
probably knows best of all what is running on their own servers. I've got
one here with "only" 1 gig of ram and 2500 users. According to you, that's
impossible, but you are free to come visit this site and count them and
still see if you feel that way.

Robert Moir, MSMVP
IT Systems Engineer, 
Luton Sixth Form College
Rules for sysadmins # 705: "If I am in any doubt as to how a wildcard will
expand I will echo it first."

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