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Additional tests seem to confirm my last comment.

In my setup, "" and "" are the same relay host.  The
DNS A record and reverse DNS say "".  The name "" is
merely a DNS CNAME alias.

My client is configured to relay through "", the alias.  When
my client sends several emails within a short period, however, my client
sometimes decides (for some reason) to handle the first email specially. 
Sometimes, my client relays the first email through "".

Why ""?  I do not know.  Maybe because of reverse DNS?

At any rate, I now seem to have a reliable workaround.  I have told the client
to use the same password for "" as for "".

For information:  as long ago as 2004, a detailed discussion of the issue, or
of a related issue, seems to have taken place at [1].


Thank you for all the good advice!  I don't know whether you have learned
anything worth learning here, but I have learned much.

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