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--- Comment #2 from Mickaël Blanchard <> ---
(In reply to Simon Arlott from comment #1)
> (In reply to Mickaël Blanchard from comment #0)
> > 2- Reception of in14
> > 3- nothing happens until the callout timeout expires
> > 4- SMTP connection close
> The "-" in "220-" means that the response is continued on another line.
> You'd need to get a "2xx " response to end the connect message.
> There's a delay of several seconds between the two lines in the response
> from the server:
> in3
> 220 in3
> It looks like you have set your timeout for this (connect_timeout) to 2
> seconds, which is shorter than the delay.


Indeed you're right, by tuning my callout parameter to:
verify = recipient/callout=10s,connect=1s,maxwait=20s
this is now working.

I was not aware of the multilines reply concern, at least I have learnt
something today. :)

Thank you very much!
My apologies for this bug report, this was so simple...

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