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Thanks.  It seems I'm on the right track; now we need to decide if that is
now too much notification... there's no per-sender tracking on this, it's
per-deferred message, so (as in your test) one sender will get a warning
for every message they send, repeated per the delay_warning setting
as modified by the queue run occasions.

Leaving it like that will be simplest.  I'll commit that for now, but opinions
on any need for additional control are welcom.

Like David, I'd expect and want a message for every delayed message.

However, if someone malicious finds a full mailbox, could they use it
to amplify attacks on a third party ?
On the face of it, sending an almost null message to the full mailbox
could result in larger messages being sent to an innocent third-party.
What happens when a message with multiple senders (is that reply-to or from)
is delayed; does each one get a delay warning ?

[ Am I giving too many hints to spammers by asking in a public list ? ]

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