can no longer compile this version with my current Makefile as there is 


enabled and all other scanner interfaces disabled (as DISABLE_MAL_CLAM=yes, 

The error at compile-time is

gcc -DMACRO_PREDEF malware.c
malware.c:52:2: error: empty enum is invalid
  } scanner_t;
malware.c:56:3: error: unknown type name ‘scanner_t’
   scanner_t scancode;

I use rspamd for all scanning, so no direct malware scanning needed, but need 
the spamd_address setting for rspamd. So I need to enable at least one malware 
scanner interface (aka comment out DISABLE_MAL_CLAM=yes) to compile the source 
and use my current configuration.

Getting the following error when disabling the complete WITH_CONTENT_SCAN 

main option "spamd_address" unknown


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