On 24/12/2018 09:54, Andreas Metzler via Exim-dev wrote:> did anybody
yet test exim with TLS 1.3?
> Server side (exim/GnuTLS accepting messages from swaks or mutt) seems to
> work (see header), however I have yet to find a public SMTP server who
> offers TLS 1.3, to test outgoing deliveries.

There aren't any specific tests in the regression suite for TLS1.3 -
but I did have to force a few tests to use 1.2 and make other tolerant
of 1.3-specific output in logs etc.  I think only OpenSSL builds
showed up needing such changes though.

At least we know OpenSSL builds have been seen to talk 1.3 - mail me
offlist if you want to use one of my systems as a target.

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