Bug ID: 2360
           Summary: Set maildir flags from a filter
           Product: Exim
           Version: 4.91
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: medium
         Component: Filters

I want to be able to set the maildir flags "F" (Flagged) and "S" (Seen) from a

Currently I have to use additional routers that read "~/.forward_flag" and
"~/.forward_read" filter files. These use additional transports that set
"maildir_tag = :2,F" or "maildir_tag = :2,S". If mail is not seen by these
filters then "~/.forward" is processed as normal.

This is awkward to use because I have to repeat processes for determining which
folder to deliver email to in each filter file.

I propose extending the "save" filter command to allow a "maildir_flag" option
that takes a string of flags to set, e.g.:
save Maildir/ maildir_flag F
save Maildir/ maildir_flag S
save Maildir/ maildir_flag FS

It would also be useful to be able to set a string user variable and then use
it later, e.g.
set u0 ""
set u0 "F"
save Maildir/ maildir_flag $u0

A "maildir_allowed_flags" setting on the redirect router would list the allowed
flags, e.g.:
maildir_allowed_flags = FS

Disallowed flags would be filtered out without any error message.

This string would be provided in a $maildir_flags variable when delivering
using the directory_transport. If no flags have been provided then the string
will be empty. The "maildir_tag" transport option can then be used to insert
the flags.

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