On Sunday 29 October 2006 05:36, Vitaly A Zakharov wrote:
> Try to use a well-known construction, just above virus checking in Exim
> configuration:
> acl_check_mime:
>    warn    decode         = default
>    drop    message        = Blacklisted file extension detected.
>            condition      = ${if
> match{${lc:$mime_filename}}{\N(\.cpl|\.pif|\.bat|\.scr|\.lnk|\.com|\.hta)$\
>    accept
> You would be surprised, the volume of viruses will decrease about a half.

You would be surprised, the number of users who complain because these 
extensions (especially .lnk and .scr) are blocked.

In fact it was such a common problem among our (mostly non-IT) users, that we 
ended up defaulting to NOT blocking executable extensions, though it can be 
turned on per-domain.

I don't really like blocking simply on extension anyways - I ran into it 
myself when trying to E-mail an HTML file without an extension (it was named 
simply somedomain.com).

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