Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> Can exim be persuaded to log directly to a SQL database?

I eventually solved this by doing the following:

1) I created a table with the schema I needed and wrote a postgres 
perlpl stored function to insert data into the table.

CREATE FUNCTION log_from_exim(character varying, character varying, 
character varying, integer) RETURNS integer
    AS $_$
        my $eximid=shift;
        my $mailfrom=shift;
        my $mailto=shift;
        my $size=shift;
        my $query="";


        my @recipients=split/,/,$mailto;
        my ($froma,$fromd)=split/\@/,$mailfrom;

        foreach my $recip (@recipients){
                my ($radd,$rdom)=split/\@/,$recip;
                $query="INSERT INTO eximlog 
(eximid,from_domain,to_domain,mail_from,mail_to,size) values ";
                my $rv = spi_exec_query($query);
        return 0;
    LANGUAGE plperl;

2) I added a macro with the correct SQL syntax to call the stored function:

SELECT log_from_exim 

3) I added simple ACL to call the macro after a message has been accepted

set acl_m1 = ${lookup pgsql{ABCONFIG_LOGMAIL}}

I know a couple of scenarios under which this will break, but it does so 
silently and without affecting the message in question.  Hope someone 
else finds this useful.



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