Hi all,

as i switched form an old comodo cert to a new one, also comodo, we
encountered problems with iOS 10 devices.

They can use exim, but fail to use dovecot, with the same cert and they
worked all before the cert exchange.

As Lets Encrypt was used temporarily as a substitution, the use of exim
failed also for nearly all iOS devices.
With comodo only pop3/imap failes, which is very strange in itself, as
it smtp and pop are both on the same server, with the same openssl
backing it up.

Some facts:

ssl-tools.net checked it: no problems
openssl : no problems
Comodotester: no problems

Comodo support checked it by hand, also no problems detected.
Android,Linux,MacOs (desktop) and Windows do not have problems using it.

Q: can someone spread some light on the situation with LE and modern
Comodo certs ?

best regards,

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