W dniu 11.10.2016 o 17:18, Hardy pisze:
> Thanks for all your input. But some of you missed my point. I admit, the
> subject is OT, and I was too lengthy in explanation.
> Shorter
> We DO accept mail from a trusted host, not under our control. THAT hosts
> was tricked to accept spam. To identify this, we have no other choice
> than to look at data, and I was especially thinking about "Received
> from" headers.
> Okay, I think this thread is exhausted, unless you still have some
> exceptional idea now.
> Sorry for the initial confusion, thanks for your feedback.

Why don't you use Spamassin for identify a spam? In SA configuration you
should add addresses of "trusted host not under your control" in
"trusted_networks" options. It makes SA to ignore last Received line
beacuse this is trusted host.

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