> It's correct, I was not on top form.  Most auth stuff which speaks
> plaintext can be done with a plaintext driver and using expansions, but
> dovecot can't and I missed that.  Sorry for wasting your time.

Not at all, I appreciate the response!

> At present, the best I can think of for moving forward is to run a
> different Exim config on another port and point the service-only stuff
> to that port instead.

Because this is only a small installation and it could very quickly get
out of hand, I ended up deciding that the simplest solution is just to
maintain two password DBs - the Dovecot one and the Exim one.  So I
switched to the plaintext authenticator only.

I think the multi-port solution and especially the SASL one would
probably work quite well if the userbase was larger, but since the
passwords won't change very often in my case, maintaining two files is
probably the easiest solution.


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