I am trying to track the final delivery status of sent email by the 
"event_action" option.

Faced with the issue to get "msg:fail:*" event after long retry period and 
finally "retry timeout exceeded" case (when nothing is listen on 25 port on 
recipient's MTA),
there in no event when message expires and bounce "Mail delivery failed" 

What I was expected : one of msg:fail:* event appears according 

msg:fail:delivery      after    main        per recipient
msg:fail:internal      after    main        per recipient

but got nothing.

Adding event_raise function near "retry timeout exceeded" seems did event as I 
was expected, like:


           log_write(0, LOG_MAIN, "** %s%s%s%s: retry timeout exceeded",
           (addr->parent == NULL)? US"" : US" <",
           (addr->parent == NULL)? US"" : addr->parent->address,
           (addr->parent == NULL)? US"" : US">");

 +++      (void) event_raise(event_action,
 +++                    US"msg:fail:internal", addr->user_message);

          if (addr == endaddr) break;

Any advice to achive "msg:fail:*" event without hacking sources?


Using Exim 4.89.


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