On 2018-02-01 at 13:32 -0300, Nicolas Leonel via Exim-users wrote:
> Im using Sendgrid to send out email through my exim server, it uses a
> remote SMTP host, port, username and password for sending email. The
> problem is that now I would like to segment my delivery through multiple
> SMTP users, aka SendGrid Sub-users.
> It appears I can do this by either using their API or through the MTA which
> I believe would be easier to implement, my question is does anyone know how
> to specify a certain SMTP user and password depending on the domain used to
> send the email from?

Yes.  This post might help:


The two censored-for-web email addresses in the sample config extract
were `x...@gmail.com` and `z...@example.org`.

In essence: in the Router, use a lookup of `$sender_address` in some
data-source to get space-separated key=value pairs and stash that with
the `address_data` option, then refer to `$address_data` in the
Transport via `${extract{keyname}{$address_data}{true-val}{false-val}}`
to get the values of various options.


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