Heiko Schlittermann <h...@schlittermann.de> (Mi 07 Feb 2018 11:39:43 CET):
> CVE-2018-6789 Exim 4.90 and earlier
> ===================================
> There is a buffer overflow in an utility function, if some pre-conditions
> are met.  Using a handcrafted message, remote code execution seems to be
> possible.
> A patch exists already and is being tested.
> Currently we're unsure about the severity, we *believe*, an exploit
> is difficult. A mitigation isn't known.
> Next steps:
> * t0:     Distros will get access to our "security" non-public git repo
>           (based on the SSH keys known to us)
> * t0 +7d: Patch will be published on the official public git repo
> t0 will be around 2018-02-08.

t0 is now. Distro maintainers please use the following repos URLs:

The full git repo:

    tag: exim-4_90_1

The tarballs git repo:

    tag: exim-4_90_1

The tags are signed with my key¹, as are the tarballs and my own

¹) If you get a warning about my key being expired, please refresh it
from the keyservers or from

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
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