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> So what shoud I do to fix that? I can't use local_domains, becouse it's
> shared hosting, and users can add domains by hand.
> If someone will add domain '' exim will treat it as local domain.
> The only way is to check MX.

There is no easy solution to the problem. Local domains defines those
domains, the server shall receive email for.

You could add a rule  to the check_rcpt acl , to see, if  IN MX of the
domain points to your server. It's doable,
but could be tricked also.

Way easier is to blacklist domains, you will never serve emails for like

domainlist local_domains = @ : localhost : localhost.localdomain :
${lookup mysql {  SELECT domainname FROM .. WHERE ... AND DOMAIN NOT IN
( "","","","","" .... ) }}

You could also build an sql with a db defined blacklist, which would be
easier to maintain.

Hope that helped,

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