In fact I have an approach not too different from yours. I call it the "volatile" addresses you use for suspicious cases where you need to give your email. It is nameYYMM, it exists for the current and last month, but disappears after that automatically. (By that time you need to decide, whether you like their mail, so either let go, or change to a non-volatile) I am far better in scripting than in looking up configuration details :-( so a monthly script actually changes/adds these in my aliases file m-)

But what I need now is indeed closer to your way. I will find something. Thanks again for your input.


On 14.02.2018 11:14, Merlin Hartley via Exim-users wrote:
We use the local_part_suffix for all users, then they can choose to give out 
different addresses to different websites and use filters on any incoming mail 
based on addressee - for example I use merlin-slurm@… for the slurm mailing 
This way they can automatically file/trash mail from a leaked/sold address.

To be honest I don’t think many of our users are utilising that feature, but I 
personally find it useful!


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