Hello, thanks for your reply.

/opt/exim/bin/exim -d -bV
Exim version 4.90_1 #96 built 22-Feb-2018 14:19:18
Copyright (c) University of Cambridge, 1995 - 2017
(c) The Exim Maintainers and contributors in ACKNOWLEDGMENTS file, 2007 - 2017
Berkeley DB: Berkeley DB 5.3.21: (May 11, 2012)
Support for: crypteq iconv() Perl OpenSSL Content_Scanning DKIM DNSSEC Event 
Lookups (built-in): lsearch wildlsearch nwildlsearch iplsearch dbm dbmjz dbmnz 
Authenticators: plaintext tls
Routers: accept dnslookup ipliteral manualroute queryprogram redirect
Transports: appendfile/maildir autoreply pipe smtp
Fixed never_users: 0
Configure owner: 502:0
Size of off_t: 8
Compiler: GCC [4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-16)]
Library version: Glibc: Compile: 2.17
                        Runtime: 2.17
Library version: OpenSSL: Compile: OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips  26 Jan 2017
                          Runtime: OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips  26 Jan 2017
                                 : built on: reproducible build, date 
Library version: PCRE: Compile: 8.32
                       Runtime: 8.32 2012-11-30
Exim version 4.90_1 uid=0 gid=0 pid=15348 D=fbb95cfd
changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
  uid=0 gid=0 pid=15348
  auxiliary group list: <none>
changed uid/gid: calling tls_validate_require_cipher
  uid=502 gid=502 pid=15349
  auxiliary group list: <none>
tls_validate_require_cipher child 15349 ended: status=0x0
openssl option, adding from 1104000: 1000000 (no_sslv2 +no_sslv3)
openssl option, adding from 1104000: 2000000 (no_sslv3)
configuration file is /etc/exim/configure
log selectors = 00000ffc 0c640402
Starting Perl interpreter
cwd=/root 3 args: /opt/exim/bin/exim -d -bV
trusted user
admin user
changed uid/gid: privilege not needed
  uid=502 gid=502 pid=15348
  auxiliary group list: 502
seeking password data for user "exim": cache not available
getpwnam() succeeded uid=502 gid=502
seeking password data for user "mailman": cache not available
getpwnam() succeeded uid=1002 gid=1002
originator: uid=0 gid=0 login=root name=root
sender address = r...@vps-my.com
Configuration file is /etc/exim/configure

### exim configure

openssl_options = +no_sslv2 +no_sslv3

tls_on_connect_ports = 465

tls_certificate = /opt/exim/ssl/exim.crt
tls_privatekey = /opt/exim/ssl/exim.key
tls_advertise_hosts = *


I not modify any config, but thunderbird not acept the certificates.

I do not remember how openssl was configured but in the MakeFile file indicate 
the service installation path.


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