On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Mike Brudenell via Exim-users wrote:

When we moved to the 16.04 release ClamAV stopped working with Exim, until
we found we had to explicitly add back an "AllowSupplementaryGroups: true"
setting to ClamAV's configuration file.

I keep reading things that newer versions of ClamAV have removed, or at
least severely deprecated, the AllowSupplementaryGroups setting, and am
feeling some trepidation.

Does anyone here use a recent version of ClamAV with their Exim, especially
on Ubuntu? How are you dealing with ClamAV having a group of clamav but
also needing to be in the Debian-exim group so it has access to the mail
spool for scanning? Or does AllowSupplementaryGroups now default to true
and I'm worrying unnecessarily?

I'm running bleeding edge ClamAV on my home machine, but not in anger or connected to exim.

The Changelog for v0.100.0-beta includes the following:

Thu Dec 21 17:00:37 2017 -0500 (Steven Morgan)
 * bb11996 - deprecate AllowSupplementaryGroups more gracefully.

Thu, 2 Jun 2016 11:54:01 -0400 (Mickey Sola)
 * bb11557 - drop AllowSupplementaryGroups option and make it default, patch by 
Sebastian A. Siewior

It seems that the feature is staying and it is just the option that will go 

I can only find web pages saying its deprecated, and nothing saying how to
let the ClamAV daemon belong to multiple groups in the Brave New World of
not having this setting.

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