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Bug 2255.

bingo, it seems that exim's bugzilla is not crawled by google

I wonder if anybody observed similar behavior and managed to find better
fix (on client side probably?).

Apparently not.  We thought that disabling the sessions cache on the
IMAP service might help (the supposition is that OE is trying to
re-use the IMAP TLS connection for the SMTP connection, as it only
seems to happen when IMAP is served by the same system) but that
was tried and didn't help.

That's exactly right - outlook uses session IDs from IMAP in SMTP connection (I've seen it in pcap). I thought about using different hostname for imap but it would require updating certs and I didn't want to wait for this (plus it requires change on all clients, reentering passwords etc). Additionally I don't know if outlook's cache is hostname based or IP-based (in latter case hostname change wouldn't help).

The upcoming 4.91 will revert to leaving the cache uselessly
enabled; any knob will not appear before 4.92.

great :)

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