On 09/04/18 07:14, Kirill Miazine via Exim-users wrote:
> * Phil Pennock via Exim-users [2018-04-08 17:24]:
>> We've said "we only support versions of OpenSSL supported by the
>> upstream project", so now it's time to take advantage of that.
> So LibreSSL is not supported officially, is it? If it breaks, it breaks,
> and Exim should be built with OpenSSL?

On the plus side, the presence in the buildfarm of animals running
LibreSSL means that we will find many coding issues rapidly.

I encourage anyone who is fond of any environment which they think
might be a little out of the mainstream to volunteer their services,
both in machine resource and human time, in operating a buildfarm
animal.  It's a little effort in setting it up (needs sudo privs);
minimal machine space and time, and a little human time watching the
results on a regular basis.



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