On April 11, 2018 9:43:10 PM GMT+03:00, Jeremy Harris via Exim-users 
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>On 11/04/18 17:27, Mike Brudenell via Exim-users wrote:
>> a *helo_data* command within your Exim
>> transport to set the HELO/EHLO string for each connection to, say,
>> the domain name of the sender of the outgoing message instead of the
>> default action of always using the primary hostname.
>That would be incorrect per standards.  The HELO name should identify
>the sending system.

Then what about hosting servers with multiple interfaces? I mean, if i dedicate 
particular IP to a client, then he probably did not want, that other clients 
affect its IP reputation. Thus, a simple solution would be to specify 
'interface' and matching to used IP's rdns 'helo_data' . 

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