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> Hi,
> We have following requirement any mail coming from a...@abc.com and subject
> contains "SomeThing" to go to x...@mydomain.com With complete headers and
> to
> a...@mydomain.com without Cc and From headers.
> I tried following filter but it's removing headers for both
> x...@mydomain.com
> & a...@mydomain.com.
> =====
> if ("$h_from:" contains "a...@abc.com" and "$header_subject:" contains
> "SomeThing")
> then
> deliver "x...@mydomain.com" (should go to x...@mydomain.com With complete
> headers )
> endif

I can't help with the why headers are being removed for both. However my
thought is that you might want to be a bit careful with

"$h_from:" contains "a...@abc.com"

as I'm pretty sure it will also match when $h_from is, say, "z...@abc.com"
(because this also *contains* "a...@abc.com").

Mind, I might well be wrong as I've only used a system filter in one
situation, and that was about 10 years ago! :-)

Mike B-)

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