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> Hi.
> Can exim unfold and decode entire multiline header (`Subject` particularly)?

> Here is the first part of multiline header:

> Subject: 
>  =?UTF-8?B?RndkOiBVUkdFTlQ6IFtOb3RpY2UgSUQgKndtVVJwRCpdINCY0YHQv9C+?=
>  =?UTF-8?B?0LvRjNC30L7QstCw0L3QuNC1INC40L3RgtC10LvQu9C10LrRgtGD0LDQu9GM0L0=?=

You're going to have to tell it to disobey RFC2047 if you want that to
appear human readable, (the last part is oversize) if there's no line
break after 'Subject:' the first part is too.

main configuration: check_rfc2047_length = no

after that change $h_subject:  shoulf have the value you want.


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