Hey all.. I have few more little bitty problems with 7.2 that I hope can
be answered..

First, I was the one who posted a few days ago about the voodoo banshee
card not installing right with 7.2 or RH 7 beta using Xfree 4.0.  I
never did solve it, but solved it by buying a new Matrox G400..  Not
only did this FIX my problem, it also cured a long standing problem I've
had since I started running Linux..  Memory use by X..  KDE in any
distro would use ( according to top ) 75-79M worth of ram..  Gnome w/ e
or sawmill, 91M..  I always figured this was just simply too much..

Well, under the G400, X use KDE 2.0 is a mere 47 M.  So, not only did
this card set up right, my system is much more snappy than I've ever had
in Linux ( since the banshee is the only card I've owned since running
linux )..

The G400 installed flawless in Linux, win of course, and BeOS, I simply
*did nothing* .. :)

Now, to the problems..

First, booting into runlevel 5, REGARDLESS OF WHAT WM I CHOOSE, Window
Maker starts..

I have to exit it, then I get the mandrake or now helix-gnome login ( I
added helix gnome )..

How do I fix this?

Which leads me to question 2 and 2a.. :)

When I DO get the Helix Gnome login, it DOESN'T CONTAIN GNOME.. ??  duh
huh?  ANy thoughts how to fix I would appreciate..

Now, the Mandrake GUI Login DID contain gnome, and I don't really care
which one I use..  I saw this a while back and searched the mandrake
archives but didn't find the answer.. How can I change the gui login
from the helix-gnome one back to the mandrake with the penguins??

Thanks as always!

Mandrake 7.2 looks nice, and I like KDE 2.0 quite a bit..


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