Title: Fully qualified Domain names
I have seen you post this before.  Still no answer?  Ok.  If the only problem is the wife's e-mail going to your linux box then the solution should be simple.  Tell us the name of the @home mail server.  Better yet, put the FQDN of the @home mail server in Outlook.  My guess is right now it just reads: mail
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I am experiencing a problem with my FQDN and my LAN. I use AT&T @Home service and run a 2 node LAN sharing a single IP. My server uses the following configuration as it's domain name cxxxxxx-a.mckiny1.tx.home.com as the FQDN. I run POstfix from this machine for email.  My wife uses Outlook 2000 to pull in her email from @homes server which is mail.mckiny1.tx.home.com. The problem is that Outlook tries to retrieve mail from My mail server and not @homes server. I was wondering if I need to change the FQDN on my server, or if there is something else I can do. i have tried to use the IP address for the @Home server in the Outlook configuration, but the IP changes every few days. Also,I am using DYNDNs static service (brorich.homeip.net) to forward people to my web server. Can I use brorich.homeip.net as my FQDN? I am unclear on the best way to solve this problem.

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