I have a firewall/router linux between modem and workstation.
And from my workstation where is mdk9.1 I translate to laptop
but when I have set this up in control-center shorewall went
on in workstation which prevents any sharing between laptop
and workstation. How do I setup address translation from
workstation to laptop without shorewall?

This my firewall/router (debian+narc)  gets dhcp from modem
and translate dhcp to workstation mdk9.1. But workstation
translate to static ip to laptop where is also mdk9.1.
And I would like to keep it that way, just turn off
the shorewall from workstation, that I could share disk,etc.
What would be the easiest way to set this up?
Or is it possible and easier to told shorewall
to accept anything from eth1 where the line goes in
to my laptop?

Saini Stronne

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