On September 1993 plus 3590 days Jim C. wrote:

> I've been reading Linux Journal and I am getting confused over a
> couple of references.
> What are they talking about when they use the phrase "application
> server".  This could be the server portion of a client-server app or
> it could be a system that exports /usr/bin mounted as a share etc.

  Usually it's a server that *runs* the applications displayed on other
  systems. That is...the processing power needed by an application is
  supplied by the server, and the client only displays the
  application/results. In the windows world, however, some people talk
  about an application server as a server that has the applications
  installed and shared to be run by the clients. In that kind of
  application servers (I prefer to call them application storage
  servers), the processing power is on the client and not on the
  server. I don't read LJ much, so I can't tell you for sure which of
  these two kinds of app server they are referring to, tho :)

> What is a Content Management System (CMS).  Isn't this something
> similar to CVS?

  Uhm...no, CVS is for code...a CMS is like phpNuke or other
  portal-like systems where you manage files, mail, forums and so on
  and so forth.


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