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Before you flame me for using Windows 2000 Pro :) , I am a gamer and since my favourite games don't exist for linux, I have to dualboot. I already installed Mandrake 3 times on this machine :) after managing to thrash my linux severely when my mobo was not yet supported and I have same funny effect each time. Windows 2000 boots ok till before the login screen and then it stays there aparently doing nothing for almost 2 minutes... It is annoying. After I do a repair installation of windows 2000 it works ok again till next time I recompile the kernel and install it. Same thing happened to me when I tried to install debian on this machine. So I am starting to beleive it is linux/lilo related. I started letting my system permanently on just to avoid the annoying effect, but don't think this is a good longterm solution.
Another funny thing is that a "repair" install of win2k doesn't remove lilo. I wanted to clean up my system at one point to move linux to a new hdd, but lilo remained. Trying a format /mbr didn't do anything. Does anyone know how to remove lilo and let the previous OS boot normally?
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