Hi Luca,

yes - imapxfer seems to exist in the old Utils package - however - the mailutil is the replacement for all the tools in the imap-utils archive.
However - even impaxfer does not work :( Tried it with all possible vars ...

Guess I'll have to do it by Hand *snirf* ;)

thx anyway & Cheers


Luca Olivetti wrote:
En/na Joerg Mertin ha escrit:

Hi Lucas,

thx for the Hint. I tried it out - but it seems the imapxfer (it was renamed into : mailutil on newer version) does only work with uw-imap

I just downloaded imap-utils.tar.Z from http://www.washington.edu/imap/ and imapxfer is still there

servers, and not with cyrus-imap servers - at least - for the writing part ...

As it seems not everybody has been successful in using it:



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