On Thursday 03 July 2003 05:40 pm, David Guntner wrote:
> Greg Meyer grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> > I asked this question on newbie, and I got no answer, so I'll repost
> > here.
> >
> > Is anybody wiling to enlighten me as to what sshd-restarter does, and why
> > it runs every 5 minutes?
> It does exactly what the name implies.  It checks for a dead ssh daemon,
> and restarts it.
> Typically, it never finds anything wrong and so it doesn't do anything.
> But it is small, and hurts nothing.  Plus, if you're travelling and are
> depending on ssh for your way to login remotely, having the ssh daemon
> decide to die then when you can't directly do anthing about it is a Bad
> Thing.
> Thus, I've always left the ssh-monitor package in and running.  Like I
> said, it has a really small footprint, so I consider it to be cheap
> insurance. :-)
I started having problems with my ssh sessions getting disconnected, so I 
started looking into this (which is why I asked the question originally) and 
this is what I have learned.

It appears that the ssh-restarter script is supposed to check and see if sshd 
is running.  If it is, the script is supposed to exit, if it is not, it 
should restart the daemon.  I think the sshd-restarter was restarting sshd 
periodically on me, even though it was running, and cutting off my ssh 
sessions.  Since I have turned it off, I have not had a remote disconnect 
event.  I used to get three to four a day, and in two days of 8+ hour ssh 
sessions, I have not had one.

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