On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 17:08, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> James Sparenberg wrote:
> > Check it out pre-loaded 9.1 boxes for $349.00 US.
> > 
> > http://mozillaquest.com/Linux_News03/HP-Mandrake-Linux-Desktop-PC_Story01.html
> And see the Mandrake announcement on http://www.linuxmandrake.com
> I think the main points of this agreement are:
> 1. Corporate customers can buy Linux and still have the brand PCs and 
> the support they're used to have.

Agreed, and the strength of HP is now the strength of MDK.  With the
WalMart PC the image is cheap (even though a white box is a white box in
many ways.) HP carries an image of quality and reliability (even though
I cuss daily at the pressario desktops at work.) 

> 2. The contract does not concern a limited region like the Walmart 
> thing (Mandrake Linux PCs were never offered in Europe) but HP offers 
> them worldwide.

That's why I stated the price as US.... didn't know the Euro price or
the AU price.  I wonder how this will stack up with the low cost Linux
Laptop in the Thai market.
> 3. HP is the first big one telling the public that they offer desktop 
> PCs with Linux. Moreso they made this contract with a company which is 
> still running in Chapter 11 mode. 

This will help MDK "prove" that it's a temporary problem rather than a
permanent one.  

> wobo

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