Robert W. wrote:
> I am trying (still) to get a Belkin F5D6020 wireless adapter to work
> under Linux. PCMCIA recognizes the card when I plug it in. Using the
> "prism2_cs" driver, 'ifconfig -a' shows a wlan0 device, with no HWaddr
> or IP address. Running "ifup wlan0" reports the error 'SIOCSIFFLAGS: No
> such device'. Am I using the wrong driver? Missing an option? Something
> else entirely?
> What I've tried:
> (1) Using the "orinoco_cs" driver. No network devices ever appear for
> 'ifconfig -a'.
> (2) 'ip link set wlan0 up' returns the same error message as 'ifup
> wlan0'.
> (3) Added 'alias wlan0 prism2_cs' to /etc/modules.config. It had no
> discernible effect.
> (4) Calls to iwconfig fail, saying there is no device wlan0.
> (5) Google for "SCIOCSIFFLAGS prosm2_cs" and "SCIOCSIFFLAGS belkin"
> turned up no useful information.
> (6) 'lsmod' reports that prism2_cs is loaded.
> Hardware:
> Toshiba Libretto 50CT
> Belkin F5D6020 wireless PCMCIA (not CardBus) adapter

I had my own problems with a netgear wireless pcmcia on my sony vaio.
in my case the module that was loaded automatically was the orinoco_cs

this is how I eventually solved the problem :

1) I removed the "acpi=off" parameter from my LILO config (I suggest that  you
add an experimental LILO config ...)

2) using the TEXT based linuxconf tool, there I found I could specify module
(orinoco_cs) and IRQ for the eth1 adapter (I entered the IRQ in use when using

now both eth0 and eth1 are avaialble at boot time and I'm happy with my Mdk9.1



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