On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 07:04, Jerry A! wrote:
> I'm using a 9.1 system.  I'm trying to install the "mplayerplugin" rpm.
> However, everytime I go to install, it complains about a conflict with
> the "mozplugger" package.
> Hey, I've got my config files setup so that the two can co-exist.  So,
> looking at the man page I see that I can pass the rpm options of
> "--force" and "--nodeps" by using the "--allow-force" and
> "--allow-nodeps" of urpmi.
> "urpmi --allow-force --allow-nodeps mozplayerplugin" still wants to
> remove the mozplugger package.
> Is the man page wrong, urpmi broken or am I doing something wrong?
>         --Jerry

Your not doing something wrong.. the conflict is apparently coded into
the mplayer and mozplugger rpms.  Usually this is done because they
share a filename... but not content.  It's possible you could download
the smaller of the two src rpms. Then edit the spec file for it and
install that way.  I've got mplayer on my box and I'm not missing
mozplugger myself... but that's just me.


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