On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 07:30, Rolf Pedersen wrote:
> Bob Read wrote:
> > I've been using Mozilla  Mail under LM9.0  for some time
> > and it has been printing email w/no problem.   A day or two
> > ago Mozilla started to  "disappear"  every time I try to print
> > email.  This happens under KDE, Gnome and IceWM.  Other
> > programs print with no problem. 
> > I've found that the print problem is only with  *my*
> > email.  Web pages print ok for me, and Everything prints
> > ok for other users on the same box.   (Puzzler ! )
> > 
> > Anyone have a clue as to what's happening and how to
> > correct it?
> > 
> > Much thanks,
> > Bob
> > 
> I've had such a problem for *sending* mail and tracked down a bugzilla 
> report that seemed related:
> http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=168516
> Deleting the XUL.mfasl file (it gets regenerated and continues to grow 
> in size) in my profile under .mozilla worked for this and is the first 
> thing I try for other mozilla crashes.
> Rolf

Just for fun I checked this file on one of my boxes... It had grown to
over 5 megs... removed it... restarted mozilla.  It's now 700k....


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