On Wednesday 19 November 2003 07:50 am, L.V.Gandhi wrote:
> I have Pixelview PlayTV Pak TV tuner card which comes with camera connected
> to tuner card. I have to use windows for netmeeting or yahoo video
> conferencing because of this camera. has anybody used this camera in linux
> for
> gnomemeeting. i have mdk 9.1 in A7N8X deluxe MB and athlon 2400+ and 256 MB
> ram.
might help to know the exact id of the card, so a 'lspci' might help. looks 
like most of their cards are bttv878 chipsets, so install xawtv, and run 
what sort of connection does the cam have to the the pci card? composite? 
I ain't sure, but the cam model might not make any diff, just getting the card 
recognized might do the whole works.., once v4l sees and uses that card, you 
should be good to go..

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