I had to admint, urpmi is a very very good tool. I have not used the GUI portion of it yet, but I would like to test it.
Right now, im strictly doing everything through the command line in preparation of putting Mandrake 9.2 onto a production server which will not require a GUI.
So i've been playing with urpmi a lot. :)

Just a few final questions.

Does urpmi have the ability to pull security patches down and automatically install?

I was trying out a few things with urpmi and im not sure if its user error (me) or something is not working correctly.

For instance, I tried to specify a medium with urpmi doing the following:

urpmi --media updates <package>

Did not seem to work as I was trying to grab a patch for nss_ldap.
Is this the correct syntax?

I would think you can pull down security patches through urpmi and install them automatically. I realize I can grab the packages via ftp, but would prefer to automate this if possible.

Thanks for the input.


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