Hi Fab gurus,

Hope you all are doing well!

Fabfile has served me well on multiple linux hosts, but I am stuck here
with a specific host from Sonus which probably has modified shell and thus
there's a small delay after logging into the shell and I see that there's
no response for my commands.

I have tried using both run and open_shell variants and command options
like --no-pty and --linewise but I am not sure what's the root cause and
fix for solving the fabfile problem with modified shell. Any guidance here
will be very much helpful.

See below output from interaction:

[keshav@home ~]$ fab -f ~/script/Sonus.py lab test
[sonus.lab.com] Executing task 'test'
[sonus.lab.com] run: date
[sonus.lab.com] out: Unauthorized access to this system is forbidden by;
"The Team."  Any unauthorized access; is punishable by; "The Team!!!!!."
[sonus.lab.com] out: admin connected from 10.X.Y.Z using ssh on Sonuss
[sonus.lab.com] out:
[sonus.lab.com] out: Your last successful login was at 2016-10-12 7:24:10
[sonus.lab.com] out:
[sonus.lab.com] out: Your last successful login was from 10.X.Y.Z
[sonus.lab.com] out: admin@Sonuss> exit
[sonus.lab.com] out:

Disconnecting from sonus.lab.com... done.

Thanks & Regards,

Keshav Shrivastava
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