On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 6:37:44 PM UTC-5, FaceGen Guru wrote:
> It's a free upgrade, DAZ will make it available soon.
> Best wishes,

I bought FaceGen Artist Pro directly from Singular Inversions but have 
received no email with a link to the latest version of FaceGen Artist Pro 
1.12. Has Singular Inversions sent out that link to direct customers yet? 
In the past I have not received such email links unless I find out myself 
through investigation and requested the upgrade myself. I have already 
requested at least 3 times that my email address be updated so I will get 
those links to the upgrades of FaceGen Artist Pro as the email I ordered 
FaceGen Artist Pro with originally had to be deleted because of the data 
breach at the credit bureau Experian.

Please advise.

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