I have written a Factor tutorial, which you can find at


(source https://github.com/andreaferretti/factor-tutorial )

Factor has a lot of documentation in the listener, but I have tried to
cover some topics that are present in the official docs, but scattered
throughout it, so that they were not clear to me at the beginning.
These include for instance:

- the central concept is function composition, the stack is more of a detail
- how simple is to deploy program and scripts
- what tools are there: linter, inspector, unit testing support,
reverse lookup of function uses...
- what model of multithreading and async I/O are used
- how to make use of multiple cores
- in what sense Factor has an object system
 and more

I was able to answer some of those - especially multithreading -
thanks to the help I got on this list.

I am sure there are many mistakes - after all, I am still a beginner
with Factor - and many things that can be improved, both in the
exposition and in the choice of examples. But I wanted to get it out
eventually, even with something to be retouched later.

I intend to improve it in the future, and any suggestion is welcome -
or even better, you can file pull requests!


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