Dear members and developers,

Why, in the name of God, is there no option to unban *ALL* IP addresses
at once - either for
one jail or across all jails?

I've Googled everywhere, and the only thing I came up with was a bash
script that had looped
through all banned IP values and unbanned them one by one.

I just can't believe that such a simple and obvious feature is missing. 
Surely you would realise
that admins, when configuring fail2ban, would make mistakes and ban way
too many IPs at
once and would need a way to unban all IPs at once?!   As far as I can
tell, there isn't even a
way to unban multiple IPs at once!  What is one supposed to do when you
have hundreds of
IPs banned?  Unban them one by one?

It's mind boggling.

When do you think this capability will be included in the next fail2ban


- Sideshow Bob

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