Il 2017-08-08 21:55 Bill Shirley ha scritto:
Looks like you haven't opened up sftp(port 115) in Shorewall. Post on the list. Tom Eastep is very helpful.

I've open the 115 port both with Shorewall and PROFTPD (and restart), but with no luck.
Now I open a post to Shorewall-users!

If it were fail2ban blocking traffic, you would see it in the log file.

Yes I know, but I had the fear of not having read well all the logs..

Note if you're not using fail2ban with ipsets actions instead of
iptables, you're
going to run into problems if you do a 'shorewall restart'.  It will
clear your bans.

I think I'm right in this situation! Obviously I would like to switch to Ipsets mode now that you warned me of the danger (and thank you very much for that!)
Could you give me some documentation link to deepen the topic?

If you still think the problem could be fail2ban, post your config,
action, and log

Many thanks Bill!

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