Hi Guys,

Sorry for the noise, just wondered if anyone had a similar issue to this.

Our server was rebooted, and since that point fail2ban wont work correctly.

We have an Asterisk server we are trying to stop REGISTERATION attempts which 
are fraudulent, and use this rule in jail.conf;


enabled  = true
filter   = asterisk
action   = iptables=multiport[name=asterisk-tcp, port="5060", protocol=tcp]
           iptables-multiport[name=asterisk-udp, port="5060", protocol=udp]
logpath  = /var/log/asterisk/messages
maxretry = 3

The associated filter when testing the regex provides matches with the 
criteria(no errors), however we simply dont see any entries into IPtables.

Timestamps/ NTP are all in Sync so was wondering if any one had any further 
ideas? As debug not showing anything.



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