I just want to say I'm new to this mailing list, and to mailing lists in
general - so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong -- thanks.

So, my problem is new to me - since I've always installed f2b from the
provided package manager of the running distro.
But now, since I reinstalled my desktop with fedora, I decided to
install the newest master, and just cloned the git and installed it.

And since fedora is running systemd, and doesn't have rsyslog installed
as default - I thought I should give the journald a go with f2b.

I set the backend to systemd, and fired it up - and the fail2ban.log
filled up instantly - and I couldn't figure it out. So I ended up
installing rsyslog and configured f2b like I always have - without any

But yeah, I really want to know what I'm missing - so I can do it right
the next time around, or now. 

I'll provide a link to the log, since I dont know if you guys paste the
log directly in the mail, or attach it - I guess I'll figure it out in

Here's the log. https://meffe.se/f2b-systemd.txt
And I'm running fedora 27, and f2b version 0.11.0.dev1

Best regards,
Johan Andersson

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