On 3/13/2018 4:39 PM, Sophie Loewenthal wrote:

> Changed it to this in jail.conf and restarted and dovecot jail is not active.

Side note: you shouldn't use jail.conf, use your own jail.local
(jail.conf gets overwritten on version update).

> [dovecot]
> enable = true
> port    = imap,imaps,sieve
> logpath = %(syslog_mail)s
> backend = %(dovecot_backend)s
> # fail2ban-client status 
> Status
> |- Number of jail:    3
> `- Jail list: nginx-x00, postfix-auth, sshd
> I don’t think I follow the enabled=  logic well :(

There's no problem in the above configuration, it should have started.

Have you checked /etc/fail2ban/jail.d, there may be something in there.
I have a defaults-debian.conf (which disables sshd).

OK just saw your last message, at least it is working now, no idea where
the jail was disabled.
René Berber

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